PhD/MSc Graduate Research Assistantship in Environmental Geochemistry

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April 26, 2011

PhD and Masters (MSc) Graduate Research Assistantship (2 PhD positions, 3 MSc): Several research assistantships are available for students interested in starting spring and/or fall 2011 graduate degree programs in the area of Environmental Geochemistry. Seeking motivated students interested in multidisciplinary research investigating metal contaminants behavior (novel isotope tracers and applied geomicrobiology) associated with novel natural & anthropogenic disturbed ecosystems and wetlands (some of these project are involve industrial & government sponsorship). I also have several competitively funded (PhD and/or M.Sc.) projects for students interested in biomineralization mechanisms (thallium, lead, copper Arsenic) and interdisciplinary environmental research within our Geomicrobiology Group at the University of Windsor. The latter research projects are part of several initiatives focused on rehabilitation in end pit lakes and wetland ecosystems within the Alberta Oil sands.

The research will focus on the geomicrobiology and geochemical processes in newly formed mine tailing basins and wetland function. Projects are laboratory-based and/or contain field components and involve access to state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. Synchrotron-based X-ray techniques, electron microscopy (FE-ESEM, HTEM, MC-ICPMS, etc) will be used in conjunction with genetic techniques (TRFLP, QPCR) for the characterization of samples and metal speciation.

Preference will be given to enthusiastic applicants with a strong interest and/or strengths in interdisciplinary analytical chemistry, molecular microbiology and microbial ecology, geochemistry (stable isotopes/aqueous), superior academic credentials and strong communication skills. The proposed project for the M.Sc. candidate will be tailored to the strengths and interests of the individual. These positions are fully funded however exceptional candidates will also be nominated for NSERC industrial and MITAC scholarships.

Please Contact: Dr. Christopher G. Weisener,; University of Windsor. Spring/Fall 2011.

The Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER) of the University of Windsor supports a multi-disciplinary research team focused on studying the impact of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems. It is dedicated to the management of the earth’s resources to protect and maintain human and environmental health. GLIER is located in world-class facilities on the Detroit River at the University of Windsor. These facilities consist of fully equipped state of the art analytical laboratories for both trace organics and metals, an applied molecular genetics analysis facility, a toxicology laboratory specializing with in vitro assays, an ecology laboratory with a full-service aqua-research center and an environmental modeling facility.

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