Post-Doctoral Researcher Position on Earth Sciences

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May 10, 2011

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Two Post-Doctoral Researchers – Earth Sciences Division

The Earth Sciences Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is seeking two Post-Doctoral Researchers:

(1) To join a world-class research team in its development of frameworks for robust modeling of regional climate and hydrologic cycles. Our research will improve the understanding of factors contributing to uncertainties in simulating future changes in the regional hydrologic cycle. The important science questions to be answered by this research are 1) whether modeling frameworks that allow scale interactions through global high resolution or variable resolution may be more skillful in simulating the regional hydrological cycle in climate regimes dominated by convection; and 2) whether models that couple atmosphere and ocean at the regional scale are more skillful in simulating regional climate variability in the west coast of North and South America. This research is funded by the US Department of Energy and will provide the opportunity for close collaboration with researchers at the Pacific Northwest, Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

(2) To conduct research on the atmospheric carbon cycle, atmospheric dynamics, and climate models at regional to global scales. The researcher will have broad leeway to define their project within a larger project of observations and modeling in the U.S. Southern Great Plains. Possible research topics include analyzing vertical transport in regional and global models using atmosphere (airborne) observations of CO2 mixing ratios, quantifying regional carbon cycle dynamics, isotopic tracers as indicators of drought, and testing and improving GCM radiation transfer schemes. As part of the DOE-funded ARM Climate Research Facility, our group makes a comprehensive suite of airborne, eddy flux, and tower measurements of carbon cycle gases that complement other observations at the Facility of atmospheric state, radiation fluxes, and dynamics. The selected individual will work with a team of observationalists and modelers at Berkeley Lab and the University of California, Berkeley, and well as external collaborators. Publication of scientific results is an important component of the position.

For more information or to apply, please contact Susan McAllister (

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