PhD positions in Seismology and Applied Geophysics – Department of Earth Sciences, University of Uppsala, Sweden

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August 18, 2012

Apply now for the available PhD positions in Seismology and Applied Geophysics at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Uppsala University is the oldest university in Scandinavia and is well-ranked internationally. The Department of Earth Sciences consists of four sub-departments: Geophysics, Hard-rock Geology, Palaeontology and Air, Water and Landscape Sciences. Research areas within Geophysics include earthquake seismology, applied geophysics (reflection seismology and electromagnetic methods) and geodynamics. We also host the Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) which today consists of 64 broad-band stations, and have a pool of about 20 portable stations, all broad-band. From 2010 the Department is also responsible for a new Government sponsored Centre for Natural Disaster Research, including seismology. The program is also currently running projects involving studies of major crustal structures of the Baltic Shield, including the Swedish Deep Drilling Program (SDDP), mineral exploration and geological modeling of major mineral belts, geological storage of CO2, siting and/or monitoring of nuclear waste repositories and geohazards. The geophysics program runs its own ~ 500-channel (cabled and wireless) seismic acquisition system and uses modern processing software. Activities in the program are currently increasing, with eleven senior scientists working partly or completely with earthquake seismology and reflection seismology.

We now intend to strengthen the research within the program with three new PhD students. Further information about the department and the program can be found on

The full advertisement with information about how to apply and closing date for applications can be found at:

Seismology (two positions) see:

Applied Geophysics (one position) see:

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