Postdoc Fellowships at Center for Climate and Resilience Research in Chile

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December 27, 2012

Job available: Postdoc Fellowships at Center for Climate and Resilience Research in Chile

Center for Climate and Resilience ResearchJob Description
The recently granted Center for Climate and Resilience Research ( by the Chilean Commission for Science and Technology (CONICYT, aims at becoming a world-class research center focusing on Earth System Science, which in an interdisciplinary manner and in close relation to stakeholders, improves our understanding of the Earth System and is functional to the enhancement of societal resilience in Chile. We convene the majority of researchers dealing Climate issues in Chile, and in a partnership involving Universidad de Chile (, Universidad de Concepción (, and Universidad Austral de Chile (

The proposed research will tackle highly relevant questions in biogeochemistry, climate dynamics, ecosystem services, human dimensions (law, economics, sociology, etc.), and modeling and observing systems. This research has an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to address the following pressing issues for Chile: scarcity and variability of water resources in Central and Northern Chile, growing urbanization in Central and Southern Chile, and fast land use changes in Central and Southern Chile. We hereby invite applications for two years post-doctoral fellowships in any of the five broad research areas listed above, beginning in early 2013.

NOTES: 5 openings.
Additional Salary Information: Salary is assigned according to CONICYT standards, equivalent to ca. 37 kUSD per year, which corresponds roughly to 2.5 times the Chilean per capita average income.

Applicants must hold a PhD in a related discipline to the center’s research obtained in the last 3 years. The specific nature of the post-doctoral research will be largely defined by the candidate in consultation with principal investigators of each area, namely:

• Biogeochemistry (Dr. Laura Farías,
• Climate Dynamics (Dr. René Garreaud,
• Ecosystem Services (Dr. Antonio Lara,
• Human Dimensions (Dr. Pilar Moraga,
• Modeling and Observing Systems (Dr. Laura Gallardo,

Visit the Center for Climate and Resilience Research (

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